What we do

Over 40 years of combined operations expertise. We provide a wide range of services from a team of professionals in the themed entertainment industry.

Operating theme parks, water parks or other attractions is a niche industry. Many businesses struggle to create viable stand alone and safe operations. With a team of experts and experience in the top industry players we can provide a practical operations focused on safety, service and optimizing efficiency.

Pre-Opening is the key phase for any water park or theme park. If your opening doesn’t go well, the business will likely struggle. You can never re-do a first impression. Having over 10+ years of pre-opening experience, our team knows what to look for and ensure a safe opening to ensure service and guest satisfaction.

Having professional management is the key to a successful park. Efficient Operations, safety first and great guest satisfactions are vital to a healthy theme park or water park.

Theme Park or Water Park design is a unique expertise. Any professional designer will recommend to get operational input in the early design stages. We review your detailed design drawings to ensure they are operationally suitable. Having the right back of house spaces, guest service facilities, toilets, storage, staff facilities and more!

With a team of seasoned professionals we provide many additional services, from lifeguard safety audits, safety mystery visits, Attractions Inspections, etc.