After being to Paris twice in the last 2 months, Turkey 3 months ago, I feel at home at Schiphol.
Free Wifi, plenty of sockets and nice chairs make it very pleasant. When I was home, I looked up if I should change money before. I decided, i would not..
But after seeying the 20th booth of a exchange company, I decided to change some money anyway. Just to have some to be sure. After the inevitable lines at the gate for check in, we were allowed in.

I arrived at my requested (and double checked) window seat. Looking around the plane, there is 1 family with kids (6 and 9ish), and guess who is to be seated in front of the 9 year old boy? Yes, lucky me.
They should be gone on my next flight. Don’t expect that many people will be flying from Cairo (my 3 hour layover) to Malaysia on thursday 23.40.. We will see.
FYI; Nothing better than to be able to put your seat back and watch my favorite tv series, on my way to a foreign country and lot’s of sun.
#Tip of the day: For every flight, make sure you have downloaded a movie or serie on a device that will last you through the entire movie (which I did), because the rediculous small screens 3 rows away from your face is not watchable.

So, now it is almost 2 days later. I am at Kuala Lumpur Airport, waiting for my domastic flight to Penang.
Last 2 days have been very nice. Let’s recap; The flight from Cairo to Bangkok was nice, good food (at all flights from Egyptian airlines the last 3 days). Also no families and just a nice girl sitting next to me.
After 45 min stop at Bangkok, we flew through to Kuala Lumpur. Met another Dutch guy at the airport (Something I wanted to avoid), and we took a taxi to the city for 130 Ringgit (around 30 euro) for 45 minutes.
At the airport I dropped off my large bag, so that I only had my day backpack with me.
Arrived at the city, the taxi driver couldnt find my hotel, so we ended up spending 20 minutes extra looking around, asking people and wondering why the gps did not work..
I dropped my stuff at the hotel and went to China town (which was 5 minutes walking from my hotel). The night market was just ending and I had some great original chinese food.
Than on my way back to the hotel, I got two more skewers from a hawker stand (street food), tasted amazing.

Off to bed at 00.45, waking up at 87.45, no jetlag. Snooze to 8.45, packing bags, checking out and on my way to have breakfast. The place I went to had no foreigners, but was packed with locals. Must be good. It was. Had Roti with banana (and a small bowl with stuff, sort of soup, that I just dropped on the roti, because i did not know what to do with it).
So I took a taxi to the Petronas towers, who sold out of tickets (11.00 in the morning), so I took some pictures outside and went back into the adjacient shopping mall, and found a small cafe with free wifi. Googled “top 10 things to do in Kuala Lumpur” and decided to go to Batu Caves.
During the taxi ride, the guy tried to convince me to buy a package, because for 180 Ringit (45 euro) he would wait for me. After I declined (also 150 was possible suddenly, haha) and declined again, he dropped me off at Batu Caves for 60 ringit (13 euro), and told me i could take the train back to Kuala Lumpur too, it was very cheap….

So, Batu Caves are basicly a tall large rockformation with a large cave (open roof). It has a big stairs leading up to it, with loads of Monkeys and birds. The view is nice. It is complemented by many small hindu temples.
When i left with many photo’s I found the trainstation and bought a ticket back for 2 (0.49 euro) Ringit! Remember that I paid 60 (14 euro) to get there by taxi.
So I checked the rates and found a taxi in KL Centre that would bring me to little india for 7 ringit (okay price).
I quickly found a very busy restaurant with a indian buffet. Again no foreigners, but this time the staff did not speak English, I was just handed a banana leaf and pointed to the buffets (non vegetarian or vegetarian).
I found a seat and got talking with the second familiy who sat down with me. They were very nice, after talking, and explaining how to eat with your hands, the son (around 30 years old) even payed for my dinner!
They asked what my plans were, and offered to take me to a shopping mall I wanted to go to buy a travel guide. So after a short 10 min drive in their car, they dropped me off at the book store, and even gave me a card with their phone number so I could call them if i ever wanted anything! What a great experience..
But suddenly I checked my bag and I noticed my wallet and laptop was missing….


Just kidding, haha, I heard you thinking, why step in to a car with total strangers who offer to take you to a mall, after just having paid for your dinner. Sometimes, people are genuinely nice. Yes they are, and I was very happy for this nice experience.
So, I went back to KL airport by train (no taxi driver ripp off this time) and am now waiting for my flight to Penang, where the company of my graduation research is based..

So, we will talk soon..



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