Theme parks, Water parks and other specialized hospitality companies have a need of highly trained, goal orientated managers that understand the industry and it’s unique aspects.

There are no do-overs in hospitality. Every interaction is instant and every experience from booking to check-out has to be impeccable. 

Theme & Waterpark in the next few years.

With the growth in both Asia and Middle East, steady continuation in Europe and the US, the theme park industry has some great future potential. In Asia most area’s don’t have easy access to theme and waterparks as opposed to Europe and the US, and with a growing income per person, this generates opportunities. All the international top-tier brands like Disney, ¬†Merlin and Universal are rapidly expanding in Asia. The middle East is seeing the revival of some of the innovative concepts of a few years ago (before the global crisis) being build in a more sensible way, with great potential for future growth. As we have seen in the last few years the combining attractions with hotels and other leisure facilities increases and sector demarcation fades as we see more integrated resorts concepts surpassing the US$1-billion mark.