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A Lifeguard is much more than the Webster defition; “an expert swimmer employed, at a beach or pool to protect bathers from drowning or other accidents and dangers.”. An excellent Lifeguard needs; Professional, Pro active, Guest Service, Keeps his area Clean, Skilled,¬†Emphatic, Organized, Social, Kind, Strict, Flexible, Disciplined, Attentive, Fit, Knowledgeable, Leadership. The following link […]
One of Richard Bransons most popular quotes is; “Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t”. But what if you’ve trained them to be your super employees and then they tell you they want to resign / take another job? Luckily at the moment I am in a […]
The 2 forms of motivation are intrinsic and extrinsic, or simpler; internal and external motivation. Internal motivation is something that lifeguard create themselves, based on their personality and usually unquantifiable aspects like the working atmoshpere. External motivation is based on money, chances of promotion, etc. This article will mainly focus on internal motivation, as this […]
Imagine; A Saturday morning at 08.00am,¬†you find out that 15% of your scheduled staff is on “Sick leave”. You will barely have enough people to open the park (if you scheduled extra people), and breaks will be reduced to 15 minutes here and there. For some of you this might sound familiar, if it does, […]
How to be the best theme or water park, if your team doesn’t know what that means? I’m talking about a upcoming industry, market, or region that has never been exposed to top quality international hospitality experiences. Imagine starting a theme park in a country where around 50 years ago, over 50% of its citizens […]