Operational Expertise

Daan Design specializes in Operational Management through Safety Analyses, Operational Audits, SOP, Ride manual creation, etc.

Daan Design is a hospitality company from The Netherlands, specialized in Hospitality Experience improvements, from Attractions guest service training, Lifeguard safety analyses to marketing advise and more.

Founded in 2009 by Daan Duijm, Daan Design started out as a webdesign company, quickly transforming into a full service agency, providing social media advise, industry presentations, website and social media performance analyses and one-on-one computer training. Daan Design has worked for more than 80 clients, all over the world. With 400% growth in it’s first year and over 300 different Artworks created in the last few years, it has been an incredible journey. Daan Design is currently available for the following services:

    • Guest Service Training
    • Lifeguarding and pool analyses
    • Motivational training
    • Lifeguard & Instructor training
    • Store and Equipment anlyses
    • Mystery shopper assessments
    • More

For all our Webdesign clients, we would thank you for your faith in us, and like to welcome you to this new of development and stronger focus on the hospitality industry.